Patrick's Parabox


Patrick's Parabox is a mind-bending puzzle game that explores a unique recursive system of boxes within boxes within boxes within boxes. Learn to manipulate the world's structure by pushing boxes into and out of each other. Wrap your head around what happens when a box contains itself, and learn to use infinity to your advantage. Explore more mechanics and recursive twists as you delve deeper and deeper into the system. It's boxes all the way down.


  • A deep, compelling puzzle system to explore, with unique recursive mechanics
  • Over 350 hand-crafted puzzles, which are designed to make you think, but also to guide you and showcase the beauty of the system. Each puzzle contains a new idea; there is no filler
  • Optional challenge puzzles along the way
  • A soothing, inquisitive soundtrack


  • Independent Games Festival 2020 - Excellence in Design - Winner
  • IndieCade 2019 - Developers Choice - Winner

About the developer

Patrick Traynor has made games as a hobbyist for about 10 years before releasing Patrick's Parabox as his first commercial title. He has a focus on making games which revolve around novel puzzle systems, exploring them deeply and showcasing them so people can make delightful discoveries. He is inspired by elegant puzzle games such as The Witness and Stephen's Sausage Roll. He also has a passion for the playtesting process, and for niche modding communities. After the release of Patrick's Parabox, he continues to pursue making puzzle games.

About the composer

Priscilla Snow is a composer and audio designer who's worked in indie games for nearly a decade. Some of their past work includes: Voyageur, A Good Snowman is Hard to Build, IMMORTALITY, and JETT: The Far Shore. They're currently working on Blendo Games' upcoming game, Skin Deep, as well as Revenant Hill with the Glory Society. They love to play banjo, pet cats, and have a love/hate relationship (mostly love) with a 35lb accordion.

About Draknek & Friends

Founded in 2013, Draknek & Friends is a developer and publisher of lovingly crafted puzzle games including award-winning and beloved titles such as A Monster's Expedition, Bonfire Peaks, Sokobond, A Good Snowman is Hard to Build, and Cosmic Express.

Committed to creating games that elevate the puzzle genre to new, unexplored heights, Draknek & Friends creates and publishes high quality, rewarding, and elegant puzzle games. For over a decade, Draknek & Friends have been crafting bespoke, lovingly designed puzzle experiences that take a theme, mechanic, or ludicrous idea and push it to its natural conclusion.

By leveraging aesthetically pleasing, welcoming visuals and innovative mechanics that often escalate in complexity, Draknek & Friends allows players to indulge in gratifying puzzling while continually leveling up their puzzle prowess. Always aiming to invite and delight new players while expanding the reach of the puzzle genre, Draknek & Friends games cultivate memorable and meaningful player experiences.


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